AfriForum members in Overstrand catch arsonist near Hermanus

The Overstrand branch of AfriForum Alpha Neighborhood Watch has also provided firefighting assistance this fire season, and contributed to seven arrests in January





Feb 10, 2024

AfriForum members in Overstrand catch arsonist near Hermanus

Yesterday at 13:45, one of the AfriForum Alpha Neighborhood Watch members' wife called the neighborhood watch to alert them to a potential arsonist. She was on Swartdam Road at the R43 robot when she saw smoke against the mountain in front of her and just below it a suspect running away towards R43.

The neighborhood watch member called the Fire Department at 13:46 and also responded himself. Meanwhile, another member of the public also called in. The neighborhood watch member's wife bravely confronted the boy, took his photo, and reported it to Alpha and Law Enforcement.

Meanwhile, the fire department quickly dragged pipes up the mountain and extinguished the fire before it could spread.

The suspect was arrested near Courier Guys by AfriForum Alpha Neighborhood Watch and Law Enforcement and taken to SAPS by Law Enforcement.

However, AfriForum Alpha Neighborhood Watch could not ascertain whether a complaint was lodged and what the case number is. The suspect apparently is no longer in custody.

This year’s fire season has been particularly devastating, as the Cape Independent has covered in previous stories.

Approximately 25,000 hectares burned in the Cape Winelands, with about 6,000 hectares affected from Pringle Bay to Betties Bay, and Wolseley's fires destroyed nearly 6,000 hectares.

AfriForum's Alpha Neighborhood Watch in Overberg has tested its new firetruck in the fires, aiding in extinguishing devastating fires in the Western Cape to protect community members and their property.

Led by Lourens Theron, Alpha members collaborated with firefighters and other stakeholders to provide assistance.

The Overstrand branch also donated 300 eye drop packets to firefighters to aid in their crucial service.

Despite controlled fires, the risk of flare-ups remains, posing further destruction.

In January, Alpha Neighborhood Watch also assisted the South African Police Service (SAPS) and private security companies in securing the community, resulting in seven arrests for stolen goods and dangerous weapons.

Jacques Benade, AfriForum's Boland district coordinator, expressed gratitude to all involved, highlighting the significant role of Alpha Neighborhood Watch and the Overstrand branch in community security.

Community members are encouraged to join AfriForum's Overstrand branch and Alpha Neighborhood Watch for more information, by emailing them at:

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