ANC refusing to hire hundreds of new doctors

Citing budget constraints, Health Minister Phaahla has insisted that there is no way to hire the new medical graduates





Feb 7, 2024

ANC refusing to hire hundreds of new doctors

Health Minister Dr Joe Phaahla addressed concerns over the rising number of unemployed doctors in South Africa, attributing the issue to financial constraints within the government.

During a press briefing, Phaahla revealed that out of 825 doctors submitted by medical associations for employment, only 694 were confirmed as recently qualified and seeking work.

Acknowledging the challenge, Phaahla admitted that the government's financial limitations prevented it from providing opportunities for all aspiring public sector doctors.

He cited the high cost of employment in the health sector, which consumes a significant portion of provincial health budgets, compounded by recent salary increases.

Phaahla emphasized the need for policy review to improve workforce integration and outlined ongoing efforts to address unemployment, including active engagement with provincial governments and the recent filling of medical officer positions.

However, challenges in provinces like Limpopo, including legal and budgetary constraints, have hindered the release of additional posts, reflecting broader complexities in health sector employment.

Regarding public health concerns, Phaahla provided updates on the cholera situation, reporting isolated cases primarily from imported sources and highlighting regional cooperation efforts to prevent outbreaks.

He stressed the importance of cross-border collaboration in managing health crises, particularly in preventing cholera spread.

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