Referendum Party closes the border, launches manifesto

In a publicity stunt for to promote Cape independence, members of the Referendum Party headed to the eastern border to erect a boom gate at the entrance to the Cape





Apr 22, 2024

Referendum Party closes the border, launches manifesto

A group of activists and leaders from the Referendum Party met up this morning to launch their manifesto, and promoted the event by erecting a boom gate at the border of the Western and Eastern Cape provinces.

Due to the long drive, the group chose to stay overnight at a road hotel, which was out of reach of any cell towers, causing some concerns from the group's family, who were worried about their safety after a death threat was posted beneath a social media post on Sunday.

But all was well, and even the authorities didn't give them any trouble - the group was stopped by the national road agency as they erected their boom gate across the highway, and instead of interrupting, the agents joined them for the photo op, and for a braai afterwards.

The party's manifesto reveals among the shortest and most unambiguous manifestos of any party on the ballot - promising no more than to secure a referendum on Cape independence by entering into a coalition government in the Cape.

The party was previously rejected from the Multi-Party Charter by Action SA, who objected in strenuous terms to the proposition of secession. However, the Vryheidsfront Plus, who also supports Cape independence, remains part of the MPC.

The VF+ and the RP have entered into a coalition pact to team up and take the DA's majority in the Cape, forcing them into delivering a referendum. With the Cape Independence Party unable to compete in this year's election, the two remain the only representatives of the movement up for election.

With each party targeting a different slice of the electorate (RP aiming at the Anglophone and Liberal constituents, and VF+ for the Afrikaans-speaking and conservative elements), they hope to take the DA in a pincer-move.

The VF+ has demonstrated significant growth in the past five years, and has doubled its membership in the Western Cape. The RP is registered on all three ballots for the election on the 29th of May, and hopes to take 100 000 votes in the Western Cape.

With polled support for independence among registered voters nearing 2/3rds support, the likelihood of achieving secession rests almost exclusively on the two parties' ability to coerce the DA into meeting promises made by their leadership last year to deliver a referendum.

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