VF+ renews calls for Cape independence referendum in Premier candidacy announcement

Dr Corné Mulder, the longest-serving MP in South African history, has been selected again for provincial Premier candidate, and emphasised the party's line on self-determination





Apr 4, 2024

VF+ renews calls for Cape independence referendum in Premier candidacy announcement

The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has put Western Cape independence on its agenda should the party win a majority of votes in the province, renewing the candidacy of veteran MP Corné Mulder as its premier candidate for the region.

The party aims to organize a referendum on secession if it garners enough support, and has settled a coalition pact with the Referendum Party, who represents the Liberal wing of the Cape independence movement.

Mulder, the FF+ chief whip and longest-serving MP, emphasized that the policy should not be seen as exceptional for the party, citing their support for self-determination as their fundamental principle. Mulder was responsible for embedding Section 235 into the Constitution in 1996 - the clause supporting the right to self-determination.

"We need to start at the beginning. And if there is no real traction or no real support, then a referendum will clearly indicate that," Mulder said.

The FF+ also plans to collaborate with the CapeXit Movement to declare the province an independent country, with Mulder suggesting that the Western Cape might not be alone in seeking independence.

"We may all get a big surprise that while the Western Cape still thinks about a referendum, things may overnight happen in KwaZulu-Natal, and KZN may go its own way," he said.

The party is prepared to enter a coalition government in the Western Cape to prevent the African National Congress and the Economic Freedom Fighters from taking control.

Mulder's candidacy comes as part of the FF+'s broader campaign to restore and rebuild South Africa, with a focus on promoting Christian principles, establishing a transparent government, and ensuring freedom from unemployment, poverty, drugs, violence, and social instability in the Western Cape.

The party also pledges to facilitate economic participation, promote family-first community networks, restore law and order, discourage illegal immigration, and promote the right to self-determination for Western Cape residents.

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